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Library, Information, and Research Services

PMAP maintains a wide array of materials such as national data and research studies on varied HR topics. Maintained for purpose of reference by members and the research unit, these materials are sourced from various government and private institutions and updated when available. 

Also, the new PMAP library houses reference materials on various HR, training, OD and business-related books, journals and magazines. These materials are available to PMAP members for their research and reference purposes. 

In addition, goverment announcements via Department Orders on Wages, Implementing Rules and regulations, and Executive Orders on holidays, and other relevant declarations are transmitted immediately to members when directly available from the government agencies concerned, to provide timely dissemination of information to members. 

Mini- surveys or spot surveys are also conducted during monthly meetings ot through circulars to respond to the needs of PMAP members and the Board. These are used for a better analysis of industry and cross-industry trends, sentiments, and practices by the PMAP general membership.

Important data and research-related materials are also periodically sourced from government and private sources, and updated by the research staff. These are sustained as a source of secondary data for future research projects of PMAP and its committees. Technical assistance are also given to members who are doing their own research projects in the areas of compensation., industrial relations, labor laws, OD, competency, and strategic HR. 

PMAP also has generated original research projects that cover diverse topiucs on HR and OD issues. Some research studies are also published in PMAP publications or are compiled and distributed to members for free of for a minimal fee. Some of the research works produced by PMAP are: Study on Industry- ACAdeme Mismatch(1998); HRM and Corporate Transformation(1999); State of Knowlege Management in the Philippines(2001); PMAP Research Diagnostica Survey (2003); Labor Mismatch( 2004). 
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