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PMAP - The Association of Professional Achievers

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is a strictly professional, non-stock, not-for-profit organization of over 1,800 member companies and individual management executives engaged or interested in human resource management (HRM) and industrial relations (IR) work. Founded 50 years ago, PMAP continues the tradition of its forefathers in advancing the profession, the science and the art of human resource management.

How to Join?

1. Fill out an application form. 
*e-mail us at pmapcalabarzon@yahoo.com for the forms

2. Submit it to the membership Committee.

3. Pay the annual membership fee to the Treasurer/ Bank Account. 


There are two classes of membership to the Association categorized as Corporate and Individualmembers.

The corporate members are open to all corporations, firms, institutions, partnership, association and other enterprises duly certified under existing laws in the Philippines engaging in business opportunities in the Philippines. Individual members on the other hand are classified as persons or individuals engaging in the practice of the human resources management profession. The former type includes the association's charter members.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPWho are eligible for membership? 

1. Any enterprise, corporation, trust, firm, partnership or association in good standing, duly licensed and registered to do business in the Philippines, with at least 15 regular employees. 
2. The applicant firm has an existing HR department, or at least one staff who is fully devoted to HR functions. 
3. The applicant firm fully complies with all labor and social laws. 
4. The applicant firm's CEO commits to support the activities of PMAP either through his direct participation or through his duly designated representative. 
5. The applicant firm shall designate a regular and an alternate representative to PMAP with the following qualifications: 

•  the REGULAR REPRESENTATIVE must preferably be the Personnel/ HR Manager or one holding a managerial or executive position in the firm; and the ALTERNATE REPRESENTATIVE must be at least a supervisor performing personnel functions. 

• the designated representatives should have impeccable integrity and should have shown some leadership capabilities through their involvement with various civic, social and academic activities 

The documents required for application of a new corporate member are the following: 

• Accomplished application form 
• Photocopies of the SSS and SEC Registration Form 
• Proof of the company's regular remittance applicable government agencies (i.e. SSS) 
• The latest company annual report or audited financial statement 
• Company organizational chart and 
• Bio-data and Job description of the Regular and Alternate Representative 

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPIndividual membership shall be limited to persons of good moral standing in the community and have an outstanding track record in the field of HR management and/or People Management. Individual membership shall be classified as follows:

• Professional – A seasoned HR practitioner serving in same capacity as time of membership, has voting rights and can be voted upon
• Affiliate – a specialist in HR, but has not attained qualification as Professional; has voting rights and can be voted upon
• Associate – a non-HR but engaged in people management (i.e. line managers), has voting rights, but cannot be voted upon.

A person may be admitted as an individual member if he/she meets any of the following qualifications:

• The applicant must have served as a corporate representative for at least 5 years or has served as PMAP Director for at least two (2) years or 
• The applicant must be holding a managerial position for at least five years, one year of which is immediately preceding the application, or 
• The applicant must have an outstanding track record in the field of personnel management as a Consultant, professor, lecturer on management, labor relations or personnel management for at least five years, one year of which is immediately preceding the application. 

Further the application must be endorsed by at least two regular individual members of the association.